A white-label geo-location based coupons app for News.

iCircular was a white-label iOS app designed by the AP. iCircular would allowed users to open the app when there were out shopping, the app would automatically find their location and return the best coupons for the stores near by.

My Role

I was the Lead Designer in charge of defining the overall experience of the iOS and Android app.

Something Different After School

An after school program to prepare African-American girls to compete as thought leaders in the global community of tomorrow.


I was responsible for the overall design of the project. I assisted in fine tuning through presentations that promoted the use of technology to create leaders.

I helped define presentations for sponsors and serving as a sounding board for ideas.

I am a self taught front-end coder, I learned some PHP and MySQL. I took that knowledge and built the pilot site using WordPress as a CMS.

Weill Cornell – Multiple Sclerosis Center

Clinical care and health information for multiple sclerosis.

My Role

I was Lead Designer, in charge of the overall experience for the Multiple Sclerosis Center. I created a set of templates to display the crucial health information patients needed.

I met with researchers and directors of the program to understand the content and best format to display on the website.

Weill Cornell – Information Technology Intranet

Weill Cornell Help Desk and self help documentation site.

My Role

I was Lead Designer and researcher in charge of overall direction. Additionally, I was also responsible for coding the site using Cornell’s CMS.

Teaching Strategies

Comprehensive curriculum, training and evaluation for early childhood education.

My Role

I was lead designer and also the developer for front-end and backend implementation. I used WordPress as a CMS.

Publishers Clearing House Blog

Consumer facing responsive promotional blog

My Role

Freelance Designer and Developer

Provided design and development services for PCH web sites; PCH Blogs, PCH Media and the human resources internal site. I’ve created custom solutions using WordPress as the content management system.

PowerPlay NYC

An organization that promoted leadership through sports.

My Role

Consulting Lead Designer and Developer.
I was contracted to redesign and implement a CMS system for ease of content updates.
I was responsible for the overall design and content structure of the site.

E-Commerce Suite of Apps

An E-Commerce Suite of Apps

Butterfly Photo was my first E-Commerce accomplishment.

My Role

I was responsible for defining the direction of the new set of suites of E-Commerce sites. My design for Butterfly Photo won among 12 other designers, the rest of the sites had to follow the UX of Butterfly Photo with their own particular design styles.

Visual Dispatch

A GPS car service and limousine tracking solution.

In 2010, I collaborated with a colleague at Cornell Medical college to create car service and limousine GPS tracking solution.


My responsibilities consisted of designing a concept using Google GPS technology.

I designed promotional screens of the service to excite potential investors and collaborators.

Shopping Comparison Search Engine

I was lead designer for Buyer’s Edge, a price comparison search engine.